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Biostat® B+

  • Supply system for autoclavable glass reactors with stirrer drive
  • Can be used with 1 Liter, 2 Liter, 5 Liter or 10 Liter vessels with mechanical seal (necessary motor adapters will be part of delivery)
  • Gas mixing systems system for Air, Nitrogen, Oxygen, CO2
  • Massflow- Controller Air, Nitrogen, Oxygen in Sum
  • Massflow- Controller for CO2
  • Automation system DCU 4 (B. Braun Biotech International) with amplifiers for temperature, pH, DO, antifoam/level, pressure
  • Probes for temperature, pH, DO, antifoam/level, pressure included
  • 2 Watson- Marlow- Pumps installed; configurable for acid, base, antifoam and level
  • Control of stirrer speed, temperature, pH with acid, base, CO2, DO, level
  • Touch- Screen
  • Calibration function for probes, balance, pumps
  • SCADA can be connected
  • Can be used with original B.Braun Biotech vessels or your own vessel systems
Biostat® is a secured brand of Sartorius AG

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Product ID2202R0003
Condition Refurbished
Production Made in Germany
Material CertificateUpon request
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