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11/2015: Fastest Spare Parts Supply for Bioreactors and Fermenters from the novel Biotech-Shop by bbi

bbi-biotech has recently implemented a special shop area on their website to supply a fast and precise tool for bioreactor and fermenter spare parts search. The product portfolio of the biotech-shop has constantly been completed after its launch in the 3rd quarter 2015 and now gets increasing access counts. The biotech-shop presents an extensive selection of mechanical spare parts and accessory devices for bioreactors and fermenters from every type and scale. All items are presented with exact data sheets, which contain component description, measures, materials and matching vessel sizes.

bbi biotech Shop Bioreactor and Fermenter Spare Parts and Accessories

This well-examined selection is a competent alternative for all operators of biotechnological installations compared to their plant supplier’s service. The biotech-shop ensures quick spare parts availability and additionally provides individual consulting in case of tricky challenges.

The biotech-shop contains elementary spare parts for bioreactors and fermenters, e.g. blind plugsadapters of many kinds or new gassing ports, as well as refurbished bioreactors and fermenters and many other special design solutions. A few installations could already be restarted with minimal expense based on biotech-shop orders. “The stock availability and the exact specification of the stirrer shaft and the 3-blade-segment-impellers enabled us to continue production in our main fermenter within few days.”, said a satisfied client from a medium-sized biotech company.

More than 100 Articles in Accessories-Shop for Bioreactors, Fermenters and other Biotech Applications

Bioreactors and Fermenters from every type and scale are the crucial production backbone of many small and medium-sized companies. These supply biotechnological products, which are implemented e.g. as pharmaceutical compound, medical tissue substitute or biotechnological additives. The valuable upstream installations are constructed to have long shelf life with hardly any breakdown or failure situations. But when the case of damage once occurs, the reasons for process interruptions are often small and comparably unimportant system parts.

Especially operators of aged, but high-grade bioreactors and fermenters do particularly have to face the problem, that their installations are often no more supported by the system’s manufacturer. Even simple spare parts, like blind plugs or sealings are not available any more. Some operators have even told that they have been counselled to do a completely new investment, although only single parts of the operative and validated installations were damaged. This is why bbi-biotech decided to use their long-year biotechnology engineering expertise to provide an unreached selection of bioreactors and fermenters accessory and spare parts for every operator throughout all the biotechnology research and industry.

On Oct. 30, 2015, 103 biotech articles have been listed in bbi-biotech’s Web-Shop. Please find the shop area at