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11/2015: bbi’s Automated Aseptic Sampling System bioPROBE goes Industry 4.0!

Berlin, Germany, 19.11.2015. The federal minister of economies, Sigmar Gabriel, the federal research minister Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka and SIEMENS director Prof. Dr. Siegfried Russwurm presented a national virtual map of existing Industry 4.0 solutions. Our fully automated, aseptic sampling system for bioreactors and fermentersbioPROBE, is one of the app. 200 examples, which have been introduced during the national German IT summit on Nov. 19th 2015 in Berlin, Germany. “We are a bit proud to supply our experience of complex, biotechnological process of every kind as template for other industries, which to not yet reach that automation level”, says Uli Wilhelm, CEO of bbi-biotech GmbH.

Biotechnology and Industry 4.0

Picture: BMWi/Espen Eichhöfer; Sigmar Gabriel, Bundesminister für Wirtschaft und Energie, Nationaler IT-Gipfel 2015, Arena Berlin, Berlin, 19. November 2015, Deutschland

Industry 4.0 is a German project acronym for increased automation levels throughout all production companies in German “Mittelstand”. The project aims on preparing tools and technological solutions, which increase efficiency and quality of all the high-end products, which are manufactured in Germany for the whole world market. In this context, highly sophisticated industry sectors can give templates, how other companies might optimize their processes. Beside the chemical industry, biotechnological production has already developed the automation technologies and procedures during the last 30 years. Hence, we look forward to supply structures and procedures to all companies, which like to show better performance in the future than today.

Our bioPROBE closes the gap between upstream and the well-discussed process analytical technologies (PAT). Its patented sampling technology allows reliable automated sampling 24/7 and during extended cultivation processes, while other technological approaches still have unsolved challenges with biofilm building, process lagging and sample sterility. In addition, we supply the SAM-series sample handling devices, which (a) preserve the sample material of later analytics aseptic and chilled, which (b) do pre-treatment procedures e.g. dilution or disruption and which (c) deliver the sample material wherever needed, e.g. the input port of an analytical device or a sample vault – all-time aseptic and 100 % split from parallel drawn samples.

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