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07/2017 – bbi Photobioreactors at 10. Bundesalgenstammtisch

The selection of topics for this year’s 10th National Algae Table on 11. and 12. September 2017 shows that bbi-biotech keeps its position as a technology leader in the field of photobioreactors. The focus of this year’s Bundesalgenstammtisch is:

  • Light effects on algae production
  • Measurement and control technology, automation and standardization
  • Process optimization



In order to not only have to talk about gray theory, bbi-biotech presents an xCUBIO phar spirale with 4 different LED channels on the Bundesalgenstammtisch, each of which can be individually controlled in intensity. In addition, a xCUBIO phar module is presented which can be used to measure wavelengths and intensities in the center of the photobioreactor. Visit our stand, test and compare the xCUBIO phar with what other bioreactor manufacturers can offer.

Photobioreaktor xCUBIO phar mit Design und Engineering für hochwertige Mikroalgen Zucht, Produktion und Forschung

The new illumination units for the photobioreactors of bbi-biotech can be equipped with LEDs from different manufacturers in almost all wavelengths. The user determines with which wavelengths the photobioreactor is equipped, because xCUBIO bioreactors are adapted to the application – not the reverse!

About bbi-biotech GmbH

bbi-biotech GmbH develops, manufactures and provides bioreactors and fermenters from its xCUBIO series for all biotechnological applications. Sophisticated automation tasks in GMP-compliant environment are implemented as well as efficient refurbishments of existing bioprocess systems and cultivation vessels. bbi-biotech is renowned for its unique, patented, automatic, aseptic sampling system bioPROBE, that facilitates the integration of external analytics into Atline control processes in even very sensitive or clean cultivation environments of every type and scale – all without additional staff requirements. General biotech consulting, calibration and training services complete the life science portfolio of bbi-biotech.